Monday, July 23, 2018

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Home Owner Fights Off Burglar

A local man has fought off a burglar in his home after being awoken during the night.

Andy Weller, an author from Eastcote, was recently disturbed in the night when a bungling intruder switched on the light to his bedroom while he lay asleep. Startled to find himself looking right at the intruder, Mr Weller leapt to his feet and a tussle ensued, before the would-be burglar fled empty-handed.

The incident, which took place on Sunday 23rd October, happened at mr Weller's home in Wentworth Drive, Eastcote. Mr Weller explained, "It was a Sunday evening around 8:00 to 8:30. I had gone to bed early and unusually I had not left the hall light on for my wife who was working a late shift, so the place was in darkness. I was awoken by a loud crashing in the kitchen followed immediately by someone switching on the bedroom light. I immediately got out of bed and had a tussle with the intruder, who was a good few inches taller than me but also had an advantage over me as I did not have any clothes on."

The police arrived shortly after, and Mr Weller was fortunate to escape with just some minor bruising. Although understandably shaken, Mr Weller's quick actions no doubt prevented anything from being taken.

Mr Weller contacted the ERA to raise awareness of a spate of break-ins nearby recently, and warn home owners to take precautions to secure their properties, both when they're out and at home. "I have now installed window sash "jammers", which are very cheap and quick to put in place. [I would] Also suggest raising the height of gates and installing trellis on top of fences".

Short of installing a full alarm, which perhaps may not have helped while Mr Weller was at home, other suggestions for increasing security include installing motion sensors both inside and outside the property and removing any objects which could help an intruder gain access to your property. In Mr Weller's case, a low wall was used to enable the intruder to scale the side gate and access an alleyway between a neighbouring property, preventing them from being see from the street.

During winter months, as darkness draws in earlier, burglaries increase and householders are urged to take additional steps to help prevent them becoming a target to criminals. For more information on protecting your property, why not join the Eastcote Residents' Association at the "Open Forum" this Thursday (14th November) from 7pm, where amongst other things, Inspector David George will be giving a talk and answering questions on Community Policing in the north of the borough. For more information, see our event calendar here.