Monday, September 24, 2018

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Sign the Petition: The Case is Altered Name Change Proposed

Steeped in history, and loved by many The Case is Altered is a charming village pub which has served Eastcote residents for centuries. Now new owners are proposing to rename this great community pub.

Sign the Petition: The Case is Altered Name Change Proposed

As many will know, 'The Case' is currently closed for an extension and renovation by its current owners. The inevitability of such changes isn't being challenged and, indeed, the owners City Inns Ltd have many properties that have retained their original character as much as possible. However, the new owners are planning to change the name of this unusually named pub that is almost 200 years old.

Many residents have voiced their concerns, with one writing to the new owners to ask them to reconsider the change. City Inns Ltd responded in detail:


"Thank you for your email and please know the views of the local community are incredibly important to us. I wanted to write to each of you to assure you we will continue to be a local, community pub which we are confident you will continue to love. We understand the apprehension about any changes being made and acknowledge the role The Case is Altered has played in the community over the years. In that time it has changed hands through various companies and has encountered a mix of reactions, some very positive and some mistakes have been made.

We did choose to change the name to start fresh. So many people have come in over the years and kept the name but changed the experience. We want to maintain the positive experience but simply add to it. This does not mean anything that you have loved in the past will be gone. We will still be a pub at heart, the features of the building will remain in place, there will a large garden in the summer months welcoming you in and fires burning in the winter. I can promise changing the name does not change what you love about the atmosphere and experience and we hope to be able to provide the best service, food and drink to date.

Our goal is to continue on with all aspects that have made the pub a favourite over the last few years, continue to be a hub of the community, maintain the integrity and provide the classic pub experience. In addition we aim to deliver exceptional food and dining experiences alongside a focus on quality local ale and keg product. We hope you all still see it as your second home as we very much look to welcoming you back in once we re open. " 

Despite the detailed response, it did little to quell the dismay of the local community and residents have joined together to launch a petition to oppose the change, receiving over 150 signatures at the time of writing.

If you, like so many others in the area, feel that the name should remain, then please sign the petition here to support its retention.