Wednesday, August 15, 2018

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Success: The Case will not be Altered

Following a rousing local community petition, new owners 'Mosaic Pub & Dining' have confirmed that they will not be renaming The Case is Altered.

Sign the Petition: The Case is Altered Name Change Proposed

Local residents were rejoicing today to learn that victory had been achieved, when over 1100 residents added their names to a petition blocking the proposed name change to the centuries old village pub.

Following the presentation of the petition today, local resident and petition starter Greg Tanner, posted an announcement on the petition today.


"I am DELIGHTED to inform you that our efforts have had the desired outcome! I had a great conversation with Peter McDonald, CEO of Mosaic Pub & Dining (who are the actual new commercial operators of the pub) this morning who explained that their usual habit is to change the name of pubs that they are trying to ‘re-launch’ that have perhaps had a less than good image and need a break from the past, but that having become aware of our petition, understood the background and historic nature of the name – and seen the passionate concern of the local population to preserve a much loved name - that he was easily persuaded of the folly of making a change."

Greg went onto explain that the decision had been made by the time the petition had reached 200 signatures, but praised the local community, and visitors to "The Case" from all over the world for such a passioned campaign.
"the fact that the petition has now sailed well past 1100 signatures and is climbing all the time is further endorsement of the strength of feeling both locally and from sometime visitors from all over the world. Which may be useful if ever there is another change of ownership in the future."

While Greg stopped short of offering to buy all the supporters of the campaign a drink, he did pledge to raise a toast to the campaigners when the pub reopens in April. Meanwhile other members of community were left wondering if the suggested name change was all just a PR stunt by the new owners to promote the refurbishment work underway and encourage locals to revisit the pub when it reopened. This theory has gained momentum on local community groups in recent days and will no doubt be strengthened with news of today's u-turn.

The Eastcote Residents' Association are delighted, however, that the local history and charm of this wonderful pub will be retained for the foreseeable future.