Monday, September 24, 2018

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Local Flooding

Flooding in Eastcote is rare, however due to housing developments and property owners paving over front gardens, localised flooding is on the increase.

The council recently held a Flood Forum at the civic centre, which was attended by over 85 resident representatives from throughout Hillingdon, in addition there were representatives from the Environment Agency, Affinity Water, Thames Water, London Borough of Hillingdon Green Spaces, Highways, Emergency Management and Planning. In addition the UK Flood Defence Alliance attended to provide examples of flood products.

As a result of this forum, the ERA have now been provided with a number of reports from the event which we think our members may find useful. These include a copy of the notes from the panel and a number of handouts that were available on the evening for your information for those who were not able to attend.

The intention is also to publish the revised and final Flood Investigation by the end of June on the Council website. This will try to address a number of the queries raised by attendees and provide additional information as the investigation has continued to progress, and further information has been provided. We will update this article once the report is available.