Monday, September 24, 2018

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Councillors Update - Eastcote Town Centre Improvements

Further details from Hillingdon Council's Town Centre Improvement Scheme for Eastcote have been released.

A warm hello from Eastcote and Cavendish Ward Councillors. As always we are continually working with residents and council to address issues and improve residents life in our wards. It has been a very busy year so far seeing high level of work in planning and general day to day issues.


We are pleased to share with you The Council Town Centre Improvements plan.

As part of the Council's popular and successful Town Centre Improvements programme, the local Cavendish and Eastcote & East Ruislip Ward Councillors have presented a robust case, securing significant investment of some £1.3m to transform Eastcote Town centre.

The proposals address resident's top two concerns which are:

  • An increase and improvement in the street lighting throughout the town centre and extending into the side roads to the car parks to alleviate safety concerns when it is dark, and
  • Further pavement improvements, following earlier work so that there will be new paving throughout Eastcote Town Centre.

These priority works will be completed urgently ahead of other improvements which will include extensive 'rain garden' landscaping which will not only look attractive but also help to mitigate against surface water flooding. New Eastcote bridge signage will also provide a better welcome for residents and visitors to the area.

The Eastcote Residents' Association and Conservation Panel representatives have been involved from the early stages, very helpfully contributing their expertise and local knowledge into the development of the street scene designs.

An information leaflet outlining the full proposals and phased delivery is being delivered to some 4,000 local residents living closest to the town centre for feedback by mid September. Two information days are also planned to be held at Eastcote library on Saturday 2 September between 11am and 3pm as well as on Thursday 7 September between 12noon and 7pm. This will be an opportunity to meet with council officers from the Town Centre Improvements team working directly on the project.

Shop front design improvements for over 20 shops have been completed and, where necessary planning consent is underway. Contractors will be starting to undertake the works which will vastly uplift the shopping experience within the town centre. New businesses are already being attracted to locate in Eastcote.

The good news is that the £1.3m funding secured will now achieve a transformational change within Eastcote Town centre and help to sustain this convenient and popular place for local shopping, dining and leisure activities.

This is all very positive and exciting news for all our residents and councillors.

If you have an issues or concerns with in your local area Eastcote & Cavendish please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best wishes
Cllr Becky Haggar