Monday, July 23, 2018

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ERA Website Relaunched

The Eastcote Residents' Association has finally overhauled their website, ahead of this evening's AGM. The new-look site combines the latest technology with a cutting edge aesthetic layout to enhance the Association's message, while enabling them to provide more regular content updates, and much easier discoverability and sharing options.

"The site still has some way to go to be complete", says the Eastcote Residents' Association website administrator Gawain. "But the new look, coupled with a number of behind-the-scenes enhancements will allow the ERA to deliver more information to a greater audience, while creating less work for our committee staff.

The new-look site is just the tip of the Iceberg according to Gawain, "There are a number of plans being worked on in the background which will launch over the coming weeks. Features such as an exclusive membership area and discussion forum are more medium-term goals, but in the near future visitors can expect to see much more social integration with sites such as Facebook & Twitter. We'll also be emphasising the work of the ERA much more with new features solely aimed at making our work more transparent, while allowing residents a better opportunity to communicate with us and interact with the community via the website."

Gawain continued, "Our site hasn't been refreshed since 2010 when it was first built, and was considered to be one of the best Resident Association websites around. However as more & more groups have begun using the Internet to share news and information, our site started to look very cluttered and really quite tired. The refresh has allowed us to start again from the ground-up, now knowing what things are most important to our visitors. Hopefully the new-look [site] will be as talked about and respected as our first site almost 3 years ago."

ERA's previous design was hailed in the community as cutting edge in 2010, but quickly became "cluttered & tired" according to the ERA's website developer.