Monday, July 23, 2018

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Hillingdon Planning Law Update

The Hillingdon head of planning recently gave a briefing to planning officers regarding the new changes introduced by the government.

The changes open up a number of additional planning opportunities for both residential & commercial properties, with planning guidelines being considerably laxed. Part of the changes mean that residential properties will be able to build a good sized, single-storey extension without formal permission. The applicant will be required to notify the council still, and immediate neighbours may object, but elements such as petitions and lodging to a planning committee panel for appeal will no longer be possible in these instances.

Commercial properties are also included in the changes, with shops no longer being required to seek permission to change from A1 (general retail) usage. In addition, offices can be converted to residential usage with far more lenient guidelines from the council.

The matter of planning laws being relaxed has been a contentious subject for local residents, and that's not likely to change. However government legislation means that local councils are set to adhere to these changes regardless.

Local Cllr Eddie Lavery, provided the ERA with a more detailed update, which can be downloaded below.