Thursday, August 24, 2017

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Eastcote Road Resurfacing Completed

Hillingdon Council has finally completed road surface works along Field End Road and the service roads in the Eastcote Shopping Area.


Eastcote Residents' Association are delighted to announce that Hillingdon Council have finally completed the long overdue road surfacing works throughout Eastcote's shopping area. Many had complained that the road surfaces were of poor standard, with potholes and uneven surfaces causing havoc for motorists.

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83rd Annual General Meeting 2014

The Eastcote Residents' Association is hosting its 83rd Annual General Meeting on Friday 16th May 2014 at St Thomas Moore Church on Field End Road.

Eastcote Residents' Association - St Thomas Moore Church © Sienco Studios Photography

Join the ERA committee and members, alongside Guest speaker Steward Pomeroy from Colne Valley Park. Stuart will be talking about a new approach to protecting and enhancing the countryside on the edge of London, how HS2 and other threats may change your local countryside and how the River Pinn connects with this. You can find our more about Colne Valley Park here.

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Model Engineers On Track To Recruit New Members

As children are busy preparing their never ending list of expensive Christmas presents, this year The Society of Harrow & Wembley Model Engineers is asking parents to consider giving their children a lifelong present by involving them locally with a new hobby.

The Eastcote based club, which was formed nearly 80 years ago, has always strived to embrace people interested in model engineering however it would like some additional young people to become involved in the group. The society is therefore offering the younger generation a chance to become involved and get inspired.

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Home Owner Fights Off Burglar

A local man has fought off a burglar in his home after being awoken during the night.

Andy Weller, an author from Eastcote, was recently disturbed in the night when a bungling intruder switched on the light to his bedroom while he lay asleep. Startled to find himself looking right at the intruder, Mr Weller leapt to his feet and a tussle ensued, before the would-be burglar fled empty-handed.

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19 Arrests in Hillingdon Police Operation

Local police have announced that 19 arrests were made across Hillingdon during one day of action, as part of major operation "Big Wing".

On Wednesday 23rd October, The Metropolitan Police intensified its crackdown on thieves and drug dealers. Over 100 officers from Hillingdon Borough were deployed on Operation Big Wing. Twenty two warrants were executed across the borough resulting in the arrest of 19 suspects for various offences including possession of drugs with intent to supply, possession of class A drugs, immigration and fraud offences.

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