Tuesday, September 19, 2017

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Plans Announced For 2011 Eastcote Christmas Event

Eastcote Christmas Market & Fair 2011Probably North-West London’s largest specialty Christmas street Market. In 2010 the event attracted 10,000 visitors. This year’s event promises to be an event packed full of family festive fun. Eastcote Town Centre (Metropolitan & Piccadilly Lines) will again play host to a feast of continental and artisan stalls courtesy of leading events company www.savior-fayre.com

You’re invited to join the amazing Candle-light Parade, Carol Service and Christmas blessing; led by the ministers of the town’s four churches, from approximately 4pm.

The RSPCA (yes the animal charity) will present a fashion show for the style conscious and show just what a bargain hunters’ paradise charity shops can be even for the most discerning fashion conscious. On the main stage at approx 3pm

Our Friends, from Brixton’s fair, will be bringing the largest Fun Fair ever seen in the village, there will be a multitude of Children’s rides and for the more adventurous everything from the Big Wheel towering over Morford Way, to the famous Miami Boost. And, for adrenalin junkies only, The  150 ft Tall Booster 2 Do you have a head for heights?

A whole host of live bands, groups, singers and dancers will perform throughout the day from 10am on the main stage.

The London Motor Museum will be bringing a collection of their amazing custom and famous film cars to town. Amongst their collection is everything from “Del Boy’s” Reliant Robin to the Batmobile, not to mention the delightful Herbie the lovebughttp://www.londonmotormuseum.co.uk

For the younger ones among you, why not catch a Christmas storytelling session in the comfort of the newly refurbished Eastcote Library – open especially on a Sunday! Perhaps mum, dad, auntie and uncle can enjoy a well earned Cafè Latte from the library coffee shop at the same time.

Catch up with the event news and join in the village’s transition into a Christmas Wonderland at www.eastcotefestival.co.uk better still come and join us Sunday 4thDecember 2011, and don’t forget to tell your friends!

ERA Launches Lorry Ban Petition

ERA Launches Lorry Ban PetitionIan Brooks, Eastcote Residents' Association's Road Safety Officer, has launched a petition to tackle the increasing noise issues caused by arctic lorries driving down unsuitable residential roads during the early hours of the morning.

The routes taken by the lorry drivers, who must stick to agreed roads to minimise disruption, are illegal but Hillingdon Council have no means of investigating or punishing offenders due to opting out of the enforcement agreement in a bid to cut costs. As such residents are regularly disturbed during the early hours as lorries, some as heavy as 40-tonnes, navigate through quiet residential roads.

The ERA have therefore begun the petition to establish how widespread the disturbances are throughout the borough in an effort to highlight to Hillingdon the distress the problem is causing and urge them to reconsider the reintroduction of measures to prosecute offenders within Hillingdon.

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Eastcote on BBC2

BUDDHA IN SUBURBIA, a documentary about the life and work of H.E. Lelung Tulku, is to be shown on TV. It also shows an item on the Lelung Dharma Centre in Eastcote and how it has developed.

The film, commissioned by the BBC, has been over two years in the making. It  follows Lelung Rinpoche as he carries out his work here in U.K., in India and Mongolia. Directed by Robert Wilkins and produced by Simon Wheeler (KINGDOM, drama series 2007)


If you missed it first time around, you can also catch the programme on BBC's iPlayer here.

Help put Eastcote on the map

Recently, with the aid of John Randall MP, Welcome to Eastcote' signs have been installed as reported previously.

Now, In association with Cllr. Bruce Baker, Eastcote Residents Association is joining the campaign to get Eastcote officially recognised as its own town.

We want to be Eastcote; not Eastcote Ruislip or Eastcote Pinner. We have, over time, established our own identity and we feel this could be further enhanced by having our own post code.

For more details and to support this campaign please vote at  www.eastcote.info

Eastcote House Gardens - July News

July has been a very exciting month for Eastcote House Gardens. Hundreds of visitors enjoyed the Summer Picnic on July 9th, organized by the Friends of Eastcote House Gardens, which brought together community & charity groups from Eastcote.

Nick Hurd MP unveiled a Memorial seat for the late Sheila Liberty, who saved the Walled Garden from demolition in the 1980’s. He also presented the Hinman Shield to Field End Infants School for their outstanding contribution to conservation.

Teams from The Case is Altered and the Black Horse contested the EHG Tug of War trophy. The victors, The Case is Altered were presented with the trophy by the Mayor of Hillingdon.

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